Sunday, June 22, 2014

#011 - Lennie Mowris - Making is Designing, and Design is Branding, Do it Will.

Nathan Koskovich, AIA, talks with Graphic Designer and Printer Lennie Mowris at her studio and workshop. Lennie's work in letterpress illustrates the power of details in design. How small things, like how ink finds its way on to paper, affect our understanding of an image, and of the brand it represents. For her working in letterpress is not a nostalgic quirky whim, but a means to achieving certain design goals.

Lennie combines more than ten years experience in the natural health industry with a passion for merging tradition and innovation. Through her independent studio, Lenspeace, she specializes in sustainable design and brand strategy for small business, non-profit organizations, artisans and individuals. Her Decatur-based printmaking workshop features two vintage letterpresses and screen printing services for production of custom brand collateral and unique dimensional art. As AIGA Atlanta Affinity Programming Director, she develops educational and collaborative programming focused on The Living Principles for Design, Women's Leadership and Diversity, and Design For Good initiatives.


The big printer Lennie uses for large runs of hand printed material.

The smaller printer Lennie uses to test prints and experiment with techniques and designs.

Small printer walk through from Lennie


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